Synesthesia, part ii [WIP], 2023

Exhibited at the Mung Pop-up Exhibition, Goldsmiths University of London

Synesthesia is an interactive installation where the audience becomes immersed in a multisensory journey. The combination of the auditory and visual elements creates a synesthetic experience where the boundaries between the senses fade away. In the installation space, the audience meets a threshold of perception, where the incorporeal sound waves become almost tangible to the participants.

It is a physical computing project that employs an array of sensors strategically placed within the exhibition space to detect the presence and movement of the audience. These sensors capture data in real time that is then transformed into auditory signals. The movement induced by the sound waves creates intricate objects that dance and morph in sync with the audience’s movements. These visual representations take the form of dynamic patterns that pulse and evolve in response to its ever-changing surrounding.

By merging sound and sight in a synchronized and interactive manner, the audience experiences an instance of chaos where sound becomes visually perceivable, creating a collaborative and immersive experience that is both personal and shared. 

/ materials

C++, Pure Data, Arduino, Ultrasonic Distance Sensors, PIR Motion Sensors, Speaker, Laser Pointer, Mirror

Synesthesia, part i, 2019

During the first iteration of Synesthesia, the project was approached in two different ways. The first one being a simple installation, where selected frequencies were playing in a loop. The focus of this experiment was the three-dimentional aspect resulting of the blending of these frequencies.

The second one took advantage of long-exposure photography to explore the same concept. Every image I propose portrays small segments of music from a variety of genres. It explores how fragments of a composition can become visual lilliputian identity cards for the composition as a whole.