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Through an interactive installation and an engaging narrative challenge, this project explores the viewser’s choice of how a story progresses.

The installation integrates a question game whose story is driven by the players preferences. With its playful feel, it aims to bring a light approach to the business world.

Each game played is represented by one marble that falls in the triangular structure according to the player’s decisions. These marbles are collected in containers, which serve as a tally of the responses from each player.

As a player, you will encounter two distinct scenarios: one is simulated, exposing the fake results of previous players, and another where the player has no knowledge of previous results.

Hence, it’s possible to establish a model to measure group conformity, a phenomenon that has already been observed in the Asch experiments.

nov. 2019
original idea
dec. 2019
first prototype
may 2020
final model

This project has gone through different stages of development.
A first prototype of the structure was built out of acrylic and the demo of the game was implemented using Arduino and Processing.

Here is a video demonstration of this first stage of this project.

Later, the model of the installation was refined and the game was rebuilt in Unity using C#. This version (not finished) can be downloaded for both Windows and MacOS.